Scheduled Locked Container Service

  • Routine scheduled service can be tailored to meet your needs by offering weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly pickups.
  • Our service is based on flat, per container fee with no hidden or minimum charges.
  • Locked security containers are provided at no charge with Scheduled Service Contract or Scheduled Purge.

Instead of using that noisy, messy, shredder!

Try ShredCorp's Regular Scheduled Service!

Regular Scheduled Shredding Service

No matter how big or small your office is, using ShredCorp’s Regular Scheduled Shredding Service is the best way to:

  • Comply with privacy laws
  • Protect employee and customer information
  • Keep trade secrets out of your competitor’s hands

See “What to Shred” here!


  1. ShredCorp will place secure collection cabinets or bins in your office
  2. Once a schedule is set, ShredCorp will empty the confidential materials from the collection cabinets and/or bins.
  3. ShredCorp will shred the confidential materials on-site at your door step.
  4. You will receive a Certificate of Destruction as evidence that you are compliant with privacy laws.


  • ShredCorp wants you to continue using our service because you are happy with it. Not because you are tied to a contact.
  • We have a simple Service Agreement that outlines when, where and how much we are going to shred, that’s it.
  • Cancel anytime if you are not satisfied.
  • ShredCorp places a bar-code on each and every shredding cabinet or bin.
  • At each service visit, our Shred Driver will scan the bar-code of each bin and enter the amount in the unit.
  • This data then allows us to custom tailor a program that fits your office’s needs. Sometimes, the slightest change in frequency, number of cabinets, or placement of cabinets makes the difference in a successful shredding program.
  • ShredCorp believes the easiest and most consistent way to price our service is by a flat per cabinet or bin.
  • No guessing what your bill is going to be this month, It’s the easiest for you to budget for.
  • No additional surcharges or fees.
  • Our goal is to respond to any customer inquiry within one hour or less, whether it is received by phone, fax, email, via our website, or even directly to our driver.
  • We do our best to have our pone calls answered immediately by a live person who is ready and able to assist you. We do not place calls in a queue or have them forwarded to a call center out of the country. If we can’t answer it immediately, we’ll ask our callers to leave a message and we do return calls with one hour or less.
  • ShredCorp understands the importance of prompt service. Overflowing collection cabinets or bins is not healthy for your business. Even if you fill your cabinets or bins unexpectedly, we strive to be there within 24 hours of your call.