Document Scanning

Off-Site Records Storage

ShredCorp can now provide Document Scanning services through its sister company, MetroArchives.

ShredCorp can pick up your file boxes, scan all documents to an electronic format of your choice, and index them on key words to help you find the records faster.

With the high volume equipment that ShredCorp uses, we scan thousands of pages per day. Therefore, we can usually convert those old files to electronic images much cheaper than doing it yourself.

We can provide document scanning services to convert your archived records or even become your outsourced solution for on-going file scanning. No need for you to invest in expensive equipment, train employees, manage scan quality, and handle retraining when employee turnover occurs.

There are many advantages to using ShredCorp to scan files instead of performing this work internally. Give a call and we can explain why.

Here’s a sample Document Retention Guidelines to help decide what can be shredded and what needs to be stored.

  Guidelines.pdf (155 KB)

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