Custom Paper Recycling Programs

  • For customers that value responsible disposal of all paper material, ShredCorp provides paper recycling services as well.
  • ShredCorp will provide central collection bins or under desk recycle containers.
  • These containers can be scheduled for disposal daily, weekly, or monthly. At year end, the customer will be provided with a certificate of recycling that states how many pounds of paper the customer recycled.

How much is going into your little blue bin?

On-Site Shredding Service

As more individuals, households, businesses, and communities become aware of the environmental impact they have on the earth, ShredCorp is here to help lessen the burden to become “green”.

Paper recycling is at the heart of our business and it is something we do very well. Below is the environmental effects we’ve been able to achieve through our paper recycling efforts.
2006 2007 2008 2009 Total
Pounds recycled 271,540 1.2M 1.5M 3.1M 6.07M
Trees saved 2,308 10,200 12,750 26,350 51,608
Cubic yards of landfill saved 380 1,680 2,100 4,340 8,500
Gallons of water saved 950,390 4,200,000 5,250,000 10,850,000 21,250,390
Kilowatts of electricity saved 132,212 584,280 730,350 1,509,390 2,956,232

ShredCorp tracks each one of these savings for all its customers and can provide an individualized report on either a quarterly or an annual basis.